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Status: Proof of Concept

FIXME: This page has not been updated carefully, since January

General Status Recap

As of January 2021 the general status of themes is 'POC' or Proof of Concept, only.

This is not intended to waste your time, it is actually helpful to have even that much done and out of the way if one is faced with a boss or client who won't allow a rocket based project unless it can have it's own customized theme. Like my last boss, for example.

So now I can say "Here, I proved you can have a swappable customized theme, now let's go to work!"

But that's a small consolation for the guy who just wants to swap in a finished theme like he would be able to do in Wordpress, for example.

Because the lion's share of the work is still left to do, and that's putting it mildly.

Feature sequence

Sequence so far - at least after the first two POC themes - is to do a feature, then take it across the rest of the themes.

Grid Area Layout is helpful

But it's just a start.

You'll notice that for most themes, that's all there is! What the heck?

From that point forward it's pretty quick to whip out a basic theme, at least to the level that not-five38 theme is at, but even that hasn't beeen done for the last 15 themes.

Lots of basic CSS to do

Note that fonts, and even basic margins on spacings are yet to be addressed even on the headers, and headers are more done than any other part.

Infinite number of issues more

Yup. Lotta stuff to address, too much to even begin to enumerate here.