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I ♥ HTML req

Do these themes come with an I ♥ HTML/CSS pre-requirement?

Fins-rocket-themes are for coders who want to code something else besides their own sites. These themes are intended for teams that have at least one vaguely competent HTML/CSS coder.

The good news:
Minor amount of HTML/CSS is enough, and maybe a little javascript and enough patience to put up with a little nunjucks. That's probably most of the active coders on the planet, right now. Add dev-tools familiarity, and an occassional visit to CSS-tricks.com or MDN, and you're there.

Great Themes Have Graphic Design

Many of us have worked with great graphic designers. These themes were not created by great graphic designers :(

Perhaps someday Fins will get lucky, and at least one or two themes will get some contributions of excellent graphic design. Or even just the Fins idea is copied by some such person, providing other Rocket themes.

You can also compare WordPress themes, which are often designed by extremely talented graphics artists over a period of months and even years.

Examples of What You ♥ to Customize

This is not WordPress - so you're not working through a contrived UI and a SQL database. Just go straight into the files you need to change, and change them. Simple, dumb stuff, hopefully.

Making best friends with your theme

SSGs are like a breath of fresh air if you attempted to customize more heavyweight alternatives!

To keep you relating to your new SSG friend as a true bestie, here are some tips to maintaining that relationsip in healthiest possible form.