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Installation: Shell Script


This shell script is destructive! Always git commit before running on an existing folder!

./try.sh mysite not-five38 seed start

./try.sh mysite not-slashdot keep start

try.sh is for new or git projects only!

More discussion on why shell scripts are not always fashionable

Don't use the try.sh script unless:

I created an issue to provide some automated safeguards for the destructive overwrites below, but they are not on the schedule yet.


The fine print:
Be sure to consult I ♥ HTML req before committing to a Fins - Rocket Theme
All themes are always considered incomplete, unlike WordPress themes, where the owner is not expected to jump in and adjust the HTML/CSS manually

It is suggested, but perhaps not required - that you may be happiest if you have already installed and played with a default rocket install, enough to get a feel for the basics.


./try.sh mysite not-five38 [seed,keep], [start,not] is the fuller explanation.

30 seconds to npm install, and you're live on localhost with your new theme!

That is how you swap in a theme, any time you want to try a different one.

That is an example without starting up localhost