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Tech Envy

You might be tech-envious when you learn how little effort goes into producing and maintaining this site.


We got a surprising number of requests for "How to move migrate from Wordpress?" in our 2020 sales and estimating counts.


Corporations of all sizes had a love affair with Wordpress since 2003. But with an install base of 39 million sites, there's a lot of searching for something better.


Here is what our customers needed:

  • More effortless to add and edit content
  • Waay less complexity. This isn't 2003 any more, why are we still coding that way?
  • Increasingly higher expectations of performance and mobile/offline features
  • Doesn't require LAMP ops to manage
  • Only when JS required - natural, for even the most demanding app dev

What the site you are looking at does without

  • No more 2003 era SQL database - plain old files work great, maintained in git, duh.
  • No more back end server running to assemble necessary page parts on request.
  • No more complex or hard to manage menu creation or management

What the site you are looking at does include

  • Works like a desktop or mobile app - on and off line
  • Really dumbed down page composition, on simple Markup, just like github, for example.
  • Plain old HTML/CSS/JS/TS, with just a little bit of Nunjucks template language
  • Insert and run any extra app-like javascript on any page
  • CRO is running, to A-B test your interest as a site consumer.

Check it out on your phone! Go offline! Check it for speed!

When does this platform go mainstream?

The site you are looking at is created in a pre-release version of Rocket. Expected to go 1.0 in 2021.



This is page is just an introductory blurb. The intent is to provide updated information, as 2021 rolls on.