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Race WordPress With an SSG

This assumes you are one of the 4 million people that work with these stacks as part of your daily routine:

  • git
  • npm
  • markup
  • standard HTML

If you're thinking you need to stick with something like WordPress just because it's so fast to do the basic stuff, let's try them in an SSG like Rocket:

TLDR Version

Couple minutes each for these 5 basic activities? Even if you could beat that with WordPress (doubtful), is 2003 WordPress tech really a better choice?

No false claims! I screen-recorded each process so you can validate any 2 task, if you suspect over-stated results.

A Game - 5 Timed Activities

The game is to do each typical task from scratch, be able to compare against WordPress for the same task. You lose, if any thing below takes too long.

Hint: Each was close to 2 minutes

New Page

We created a new page in 2 1/2 minutes. Here's the youtube used to time the racing game:

Page Update

We updated the page with the above video, took a couple minutes.

New Image

How long would it take to add this new image?


Video of above image being added in 2 minutes:

Theme Modification

"Ahah!" you say. "But what about when I need to modify my visual themes! That's where something like WordPress really shines!"

No need for a WordPress UI that manages a DB that maintains properties that tell PHP how to write HTML/CSS to a client. Exhausting, just to think about. This is simple dumb stuff. A good SSG should go straight to the HTML/CSS.

Here's 1min 18sec to modify your theme, as an example:

Complex Component

This racing-WordPress game gets really fun when you can add someone else's complex work straight into you Markup page.

Generic web components can be as small as a text widget or as big as a whole app, all on drop in componet.

How long would it take to add a complex web component like this, to a page?

Here's the video documenting the couple minutes that it took:

Can I Play This Game?

  • Rocket is the SSG used for this site.
  • Rocket is still in pre-release, but many of us are already using in production
  • I can help if you need me for a Proof of Concept for your corporate shop.


  • The videos shown on this page are intended more as a proof that the tasks can be done in the time claimed.
  • Audio kinda sucks in these videos, but that's OK - because purpose was just to time the process for the game